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Hi there,

Last year we made a very successful series for Channel 4 called NO GOING BACK, that followed families making the break, selling up and moving on to fulfill their dreams. You might have seen/heard about the lovely family setting up a fish farm in Brittany or the interesting family on the Island in Nicaragua. The series showed just how many people dream of getting out of the rat race, moving abroad or to the countryside.

We are currently making a second series and are looking for people that are in the process of moving ASAP. I was wondering if there is anyone out there in the sailing world who has dreams of setting up a sailing venture abroad or elsewhere. I would love to hear from you!

Thanks for your help.

Best wishes,

Ariel White

Assistant Producer

0207 251 6966

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The first series of No Going Back offered unique insights into the lives of people who have downed tools and upped sticks. Each programme told a different story of people transforming their lives to follow their dreams. Be it running an idyllic 28 acre carp farm surrounded by lakes in the stunning location of Brittany, or tending your own grapes, olives and almonds in scenic rural Spain, to setting up a safari lodge in sun drenched Zambia, owning a hotel in the beautiful Welsh mountains, or buying an exotic Island in Nicaragua. We are currently in the process of filming updates on all these stories, but due to the success of No Going Back, we are now looking for new life changing ventures for the second series.

We are now looking for people who are in the process of pursuing their dream, selling up and planning never to return, creating a new life here or abroad.

For further information, please contact Ariel at Ricochet on 0207 251 6966 or mail me at