Aluminium Windows



It depends exactly what you want. There are three types of window suppliers:

1. Firms that make stock aluminiuim framed windows. The main two I know of with outlets in the UK are Vetus,; and Gebo Lewmar also have a line, but it appears identical to Gebo, and there are many other suppliers of Vetus and Gebo windows.

2. Firms that make custom aluminium framed windows (as well as standard). The two I know of in the UK are Seaglaze, Wendover Road Norwich NR13 6LH tel 01603 721770; and Branchsound, 9 Springfield Industrial Estate, Burnham CM0 8TE tel 01621 782964.

3. Firms that refurbish windows and frames, including the supply of glass (perspex/acrylic/polycarbonate) windows, but that do not make frames themselves. Eagle, 2 The Sidings Business Park, Skipton BD23 1TB tel 01765 792097; and Salford House, 8 Bartram Farm, Sevenoaks TN14 5EZ tel 01732 464635.

Also there are any number of companies that will simply supply the ‘glass’.

As I’m looking myself right now, I’d appreciate knowing of any others in categories 1 and 2.


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Have just done a window rebuild.Got stock Vetus opening ports for the small windows at the fore end and perspex bolt on for the main.Got competetive quotes
from Vetus for all including new main but took a while to come back from 15% discount .Branch sound did,nt bother to could have refurbished all of them.but the return shipping costs from Greece were I got Perspex and vetus ports through them. 10% were ok for the main all new ,but the opening ports were expensive.Will save the old main windows and have them rebuilt when I can get them back to UK at a sensible price.Have fun