I remember in old Scuttlebutt times that someone had suggested that Netscape was soo good to get into Scuttlebutt etc. I seem to pick on the good advice late. Now I loaded the damn thing. And guess what? It messed almost everything good with my internet. It seems to have hegemony over everything in my computer. It even changes my dial up default to itself.
Now, I'll like to know who that good hearted person, who gave this good advice, was. And if anybody else is using this Netscape, what benefits they observe and what kind of problems they encounter.
Ishall be appreciative of the good information and "advice".


Internet Explorer does the same but takes you to MSN ad nauseum - if you let it!!

On IEX there is a "Tools" - "Internet Options" - "General" route that lets you set up your Homepage.

Give it a whirl and then NEVER put the cursor on an alien device (like the MSN Search icon) and press the trigger - otherwise it assumes you have been "converted" and starts realigning things again.

Incidentally I find that the Norton Firewall is good to stop irritating things like "flashing adverts".

Every time something tries to get on to the screen and "flash" it asks me if I really want this "activex control" in my computer.

I can say "let them all in from this website" (at the moment only the "Safety at Sea" game from the RNLI website has this honour) - "allow just this one" - "leave this one out" - or (the ultimate) "never accept one from this web site".

Brilliant bit of kit for peaceful browsing.

Best regards :eek:)

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A long time ago (say, a year) we used to get a bit worried about making sure stuff we did was Netscape compatible. It never fully was. Now we just don't bother.
Important points.
1. All (most) computer programs can foul up your machine and its settings if you let them. The point is, that most things are directly under your control, if you did but know it. There's the rub. The point made elsewhere about settings in Internet Explorer is well made.
2. All computers and computer programs are fallible and thus fail (all the time?). Don't expect anything else and you'll avoid some heartache.
3. There are differences . .
a) between IE and Netscape (to put it mildly)
b) between different editions of IE and Netscape (how recent, etc.)
c) between versions for PC and the Mac

From a professional point of view (not everyone would agree with this, though) we regard Netscape as now only used by Mac enthusiasts and Microsoft haters. ["I've always used it and its part of my anti-Bill Gates, pro Mac culture"] [bangs table]. There are people like that in yachting, too.

IE5 is bloody good, and used by an awful lot of people. Netscape isn't (both counts).


Agreed. I used to use Netscape but now solely IE. Seems easier and smoother running. My IE is set to open on URL "About Blank" so I am in full control from the start.


Thank you guys,
I am messing about with the Netscape at the moment until I am completely fed up with it. The main problem is it seems to effect the efficient functioning of my computer. I am not for or against Bill Gates as such. We have no control over what Netscape or Microsoft does. Both are out for their own hegemony in the field.So I cannot care less really. But I care about the system I am working with.
Anyway, the comments are appreciated.


Much as I dislike monopolies, and Microsoft in particular, I welcome the day when IE is the only browser.

I can program a nice piece of javascript for my on-line catalog in a few minutes that works just fine on IE. I will then have to spend hours or sometimes days trying to get it to work on Netbloodyscape. Often I just give up and leave the Netscapiens with limited capability and display.

I'm not arguing which one is correct, but IE is certainly 1000 times more forgiving and interpretively smart.

Having been an assembly language programmer for over 40 years (and not many can claim that), there were times when I commented in jest "I wish computers would do what I meant and not what I programmed". Then along came HTML where each version of the language and each browser interprets what I meant in its own way. What a bloody mess.


Why do you still keep Netbloodywhatever? You seem not happy with it. May be , you can tell me how to totally eradicate this menace from my computer. I mean total UNISTALLATION, if possible without reformatting my hard disk. Your and anybody elses help will be appreciated.


Good reason to maintain Netscape

I do not use it for accessing the internet but I have a web site and about 20% of the people visiting my site still are using Netbloddyscape, so I have to use it to see how the web site looks through their eyes and make corrections as much as possible to keep the result acceptable. I have a warning on the site that unless you are using IE, the results will be less than ideal and some items will be totally unavailable.