Pulling up the anchor...



Figuratively speaking...With apologies in advance to John Hyatt, for the long-windedness of what follows (the good news is that this is the very last time I will be cluttering this board with a posting) I would just like to try and stop the barrage of e-mails I have been receiving from irate contributors to this board of late:

Judging by some of the e-mails I have had, 'twould appear that the phantom version of me has upset more than a few people and I am sorry for them, although I suppose, it is me I really ought to be sorry for. Not only am I having new enemies made for me, all over the place, but my time is being consumed with writing apologies for the behaviour of persons unknown.

Someone has, for reasons unfathomable, sent unpleasant e-mails out to some of the contributors to this BB, purporting to come from me.

Having been forwarded a couple, I would submit that this is the work of somebody quite different from the little prankster(s) responsible for last week's and earlier distresses. The writing style is very much like my own and I can see why people believed it to have been my work.

I really don't have the time for all this, any more than you do, but if it is any help: I only have two e-mail addresses in the whole world:

One is editor@theseamag.com (in fact, I will gladly take responsibility for anything coming from anyone AT theseamag.com, since to use the address they must have been given the necessary information by me. To date, nobody has ever been given this access.

The other is leopardnormand@hotmail.com (my 'home' address, named for our boat), to which no-one else has access.

If you receive mail purporting to have come from me, from any other e-mail address whatsoever, please do one of the following:

1) Delete and forget it or believe whatever you want but don't tell me about it.

There's nothing I can do about mail you receive from third parties and it just wastes your time re-informing me that someone from these BBs has a rather ugly nature and has made me the focus of it. I am not worried about it in the slightest. I did not cause it and it will continue only as long as the flames are fanned. I do not feel intimidated, threatened or otherwise affected by the work of some crackpot with nothing better to do. Neither should you.

If this is not satisfying enough then you could:

2) Forward the nasty mail to 'abuse AT the name of the host', e.g.abuse @boohoo.com but don't tell me about it...

If that isn't melodramatic enough, then perhaps you could:

3) Send out a Mayday, alert Interpol, foam at the mouth, do anything you please, including trying to fit the cap you have been allocated by the hoaxer but, please, don't tell me about it...

The last message I posted on any BB (I have only ever posted on ybw BBs) was to the resigning Bluebeard. I will not be posting any further messages after this one so, if you read anything in my name, rest assured it doesn't come from me, even if it is pleasant, charming and reads as typical of my genuine postings. Remember, there is nothing to stop anyone putting my address in the slot on the response form. They won't receive any reply you make via e-mail, but I will, so please don't reply to them!

Only e-mails that come from either of the two addresses above can have come from me. If I ever add another e-mail address, I will mail all interested parties from one of the two existing addresses with details.

The Rogues Gallery, on my unmentionable website, will go ahead as planned and, if you want to do the boats thing and the signigicant others thing in the next two issues, I will be more than glad to accomodate them, just send in your photographs, together with the name you are known by on the BBs, and I will put them on the Rogues Gallery page for you. Regardless of any hate mail, I am not known for letting others down when it can be avoided.

May I thank everyone who has made the majority of my visits to the BBs so entertaining and e-mailed me with kind and encouraging words, stories for the mag and sorrow at the antics of a sad minority. It has been greatly appreciated. If you want to keep in touch, you now have both my addresses and I will simply block any sender whose mail is abusive.

Perhaps whoever has succeeded so neatly in dispatching me has a 'hit list' of people that he, or quite possibly she, wants out of these BBs. You should end up in a gloriously rarified atmosphere, doubtless to the great relief of some!

I mentioned John Hyatt on my way in, I will do so on my way out. If you like nautical paintings, don't miss the mini-exhibition of some of his wonderful works that we have put in our unmentionable publication and no, we do not stand to gain a red cent from it being there so, once again, this is not advertising, just making sure you don't miss out on a treat.

My thanks to the various BB contributors who have been so kind as to allow us to display their talents in the mag. It has been a great pleasure to 'meet' so many fine people and the rest just don't matter, frankly. Manure stinks but roses grow in it.

Now, I really must go and get a life! My thanks to IPC and Karl for their hospitality and to the decent element herein. Fair winds and following seas to all. Cheers! Linnet (the official one).


Sorry to hear that mate. Want I should swamp 'em with me wake? Yours High Octanely Jason


It seems to me that, when you back off like this, Linnet, then THEY have won.

If you are retiring from Scuttlebutt 'cos it has become a bit rubbishy and scruffy, then fair enough - but not because some crappy individual has played dirty. Just think how clever he will consider him/herself.


What\'ve I missed? ...

Been off air for a while (playing G'pa to a little gem) There seems to be a different air - which is a pity - as is the Flight of the Linnet. Not knowing what's caused it, I can't pass judgement but there HAS to be a better way - doesn't there? Regards little bird.