Repair a bent boom?


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4 May 2007
Cambridge, UK
IMHO - as I posted earlier =- trying to bend such a form back straight will make the track guide close up and really make a mess ... it needs dent pulling out .... then form put into the track to prevent it collapsing before then straightening ..... finally weld the cracks.

Another way would be to cut away bottom face ... pull dent ... insert form into track preventing collapse .. straighten - then have tapered sheet installed inside to strengthen the area BOTH sides .... then close up by welding bottom piece back in.

I've seen riggers repair masts / booms / outriggers same way.
The heat applied during welding MIGHT also anneal the metal, removing the accumulated fatigue. But I am not a metallurgist!


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3 Nov 2001
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I showed picture to my mate who is a Metal Master .... his comment ....

Easy Peasy ... and he without any prompt from me described what I said ... pull dent ... support track groove ... bend and weld.

Exactly how I would do it and I have bent metal work before

The bending back and forth of wire does fatigue the metal but you are bending way into the plastic phase of the metal.

This is just straightening bent metal back to its original position