Flesh Pots Of Tarbot !!



Re Ironing Table.

My dear friend Nick.

Having frequented the flesh pots of tarbot.
I feel I must point out that no slapper worth her salt,
would lower her demeanour to do business with the likes
of accountants.

Pressed pants, underpants or otherwise.

Anyway I thought you were supposed to press them side ways on a boat!!

Now to the matter of the honourable Mr Kidson

A gentleman I am sure.

However I must point out

That after Karl nicked my first name, my second, third,
and fourth choice. I found no alternative than to revert to the letters on the back side of my car,
ie. My Initials.

As I seem to have now the dubious distinction of having
become a founder member of your establshment. I feel
some recompence is in order.
I will readily accept as recompence your standard
meager fees. Please back date to 1949 which is the date
of my establishment.

As to the matter re. diesel and water.

I must point out that the former floats on the later.

I trust you have the wisdom to do the same.

Kind Regards.


Would you please take your shoes off before you come in.


Open letter from Bleedem Dry

My firm, Bleedem Dry and partners, solicitors have been consulted jointly by Mr N U Robinson (where the U stands for underscore!) and HLB Kidsons in the matters of
a) You masquerading as HLB Kidsons in contravention of the trades descriptions acts and trying to extort money from them when everyone knows that extortion is the right of the accountants.
b) By implication, you're holding yourself out to be a chartered accountant when in fact you're??..... well you're something else - a property baron or something.
c) Mr Robinson also wishes us to point out that he is extremely upset, nay mortally wounded by the implication that he irons anything himself, never mind his underpants! The ironing board is strictly for the use of his first wife.

We are obliged to seek your proposals for redress of these obvious slurs by return. We will be satisfied by
a grovelly abject apology, published in the pages of the Accountants weekly and the Tarbert evening news. A commitment to a small whisky or two at some future point might help also.

Yours completely sincerely

Bleedum Dry & Partners


Ah the Fish Pots of Turbot !!

Have checked with Delia's book and indeed there is an excellent recipe for Turbot, though what that's got to do with boating, I can only guess.

Re hlb as a web name, a name that truly rolls off the tongue, we can only be thankful that choosing this name from the back end of your car, didn't result in you calling yourself something unpronouncable, like cinquecento, ka or testarossa or whatever car you're driving this week. Should have chosen to name it after your boat, "thesoddingthingsbrokeagain"


Re: oops, you\'re all barred

H for not using English again, Nick for sounding a bit dangerously legal and Colin for saying "sodding" and "carpet" and "injector".

For myself, I think the latest MBY an absolutely marvellous publication. Especially since I have since proceeded to log on as ravinglordflybridge and er hackerintentuponruiningsite for which I understand the mby management were about to report me to the boss. Fortunately I have already sacked myself, with massive severance. Now, with newly approved name "Haydyholic Robinson" I will continue to ERK what the ooer two big blokes have just busted down the door OUCH sorry karl and and er URGH sorry Kim and sorry sorry sorry ...


To The Aforementioned

Ahah. But in consultancy with the venerable Mrs Robinson Umf. Umf.
And in consulting with the federation of delinquente

It is deamed and concidered that floosies from Tarbot

are not in the resumay of the MBY forum.

Mrs Robinson agreas and I say so too!!.

I rest my case and so dose Mrs. Robinson so pay up!!

Now thats £50,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 0000000000000
Times 52 Times Lots of 000,00,00,,000000000's
And loads of cash. And Meekatharra can have a rebuild
thanks to the thoughtfullness of Nick. The Accountants
And all the Motly Crew and Colin Apart From Andria Who Is still Gripping in the Background.
But it's a shame cos Marian did make a luberly cup of tea and cakes and things. Andthingsbut.

We're off to sea next week and the week after.
If I can get the motley crew back in harness ie.Pop Group and Wife.

Nick my cousin Susan lives near you and is looking
for a bit on the side.

Well more of a main course I think cos she's only got a
few part timers I think.

Shall I pass your name on???




...maybe. Actually I lost the thread completely, but they'll have a good close look now...