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E-TEPAI System. – User Guide. 19th February 2020
Prepared by Christopher Robb – United Kingdom Cruising Association

Note: Might be difficult on a small mobile device – suggest a full size screen is used for the initial registration and set up until you are used to the format.
After the introduction sign in on the APP
This opens in a new screen
Select UK Flag for Language.
The Screen now has access to the FAQs and a manual.
FAQs – You can down load the latest version from this page
Manual: - worth looking at with this.
Login For eTEPAI users….. or Register

There are 2 types – E-TEPAI and a login for TAXISnet users
Use the TEPAI Login unless you have a Taxisnet number
Select Register for the first time.
You will need:
Your email address.

A Password

Your Passport number
to put in the application… NOTE that this will be used for logging in next time you log in. The screen shot below shows the registration page.

Press Register to await a confirmation email. When it comes – press HERE on the email – this take you to the login screen
Login using your email address, password AND Passport number.
This takes you to a summary of your registrations – which at this stage is empty. Top right is a button for NEW APPLICATION.
The system as set up may use “Auto Fill”. This will cause major issues as it fills in the wrong fields. So you must check after filling in the address etc that all data entered is correct and has not been overwritten

You are require to fill in all fields with a * and ** and *** as you don’t have a TIN (Greek tax number). Ignore fields without an *
Problem fields:
Within Registry:
Post Code
– Enter your post code – not system checked and last year you could only put 3 letters/numbers in..
In application:
Port Of registry.
It requires a search to be made – so type in your port of registry – ie Southampton GB. For the search, enter the letters slowly and it brings up matching ports – as you enter more letters it comes up with fewer matches until you can see yours. Click on it. Not if you have chosen the wrong port click on the X at the end of the field.

Then fill in remaining *, ** and *** items. You can accept the “NO” default if you are not applying for a 12 months 20% discount. If applying for the full 12 month discount from January to December click on the port questions.
Mooring place in Greece exists (YES/NO)
No Yes​
Mooring place in Greece Leros

Unless you are Part 1 registered, you don’t need to put in Gross Registered Tonnage or Tonnage
You then come to 2 blue buttons

Liable Persons Information:
Note: persons entered here are Joint and severally Liable. Choose either Owner or Holder/User A Holder or User is a person named on the DEKPA as an alternate person to the owner - the User would be a regular skipper of the boat.
In my case I entered myself as the owner.
It appears that you can only enter one liable person – so I entered myself. Google chrome filled in all the address details, but as the website is incorrectly coded and the info goes into all the wrong places – so DOUBLE CHECK ALL FIELDS. It is difficult to check later and it overwrites the Boat name with the Owner name. Note, it may now have been corrected.
Then click on TEPAI info.
Date of entry into Greek waters – this is a Y/N selection – if you are there already click Y
Will the ship remain in Greek Ports all year Y/N - This is related to the annual discount of 20% you can get if you pay in December each year for the FULL next year. I answered Yes though I will only use 4 months or so fees. The system should automatically calculate the fees and discount in the payment section that you are due – It works.
Select the Months of Tax you want by clicking on the month(s). – I did June, July, September, October. I will haul out for July and August so will be EXEMPT from the E-TEPAI automatically. Note that you are not Out Of Use in respect of the DEKPA rules. . Those in a Marina will need to deposit papers with Port police – applying for Exemption.
When that’s done – click Green Button at top right Temporary Submitted.
This brings up a summary of your entries including the application number EG. 80575.
If all ok Press Red button to “Submit” at top right.
If you have errors they will be listed at the top in red – not always very clear.
Note also that some users have seen an error message here. Re login and you may well see your entry saved. This may be a browser problem.
Once the error have been corrected and you have checked the months and payment total,
Press submit.
You then get a summary of everything again but now with your registry entry at the bottom. Check this – NOTE that the status is now SUBMITTED you have completed your submission.

You will get an email with 2 attachments. Print them both off or save them as downloads for later. The important thing is the 20 digit reference which you will need for payment. The format has changed this year (2020) to a longer number in excess of 15 digits. Only use the FIRST 20 DIGIT.
Payment can be made by bank transfer using the SEPA system, or cash direct to Greek Banks.
Two members have paid via the Greek Post Office BY CREDIT CARD. The Greek PO was described as “very Easy”.

I chose to pay using my Barclays on line overseas payments.
Initially many payments were rejected due to adding unnecessary information.
Select to pay an amount in EUROS - do NOT let it convert to Euros for you.
On Barclays You have approx. 120 seconds to complete before your rate expires and you have to refresh rate.
Enter the relevant codes.
Note – it is recommended that you cut and paste all long numbers to avoid error, but a couple of banks (Santander in particular) takes control codes across and sends an incorrect 20 digit code)
 Recipient : see below
The recipient of the funds has been missed off the FAQ Instructions;
I have used AADE, but Ministry of Finance has been used.

 Recipient bank: BNGRGRAA which resolves to (Bank of Greece)
 IBAN (field 59 of swift): GR1201000230000000481090510
 Remittance information ( field 70 of swift): the 20 digits (no letters, punctuation and spaces) of TEPAI payment code.
If there is a box for Message to recipient DO NOT ENTER ANYTHING IN IT Your payment WILL fail!
Press confirm!

The payment will take one working day – longer over w/e
Checking Payment Status:
The Greeks have promised that your paid application form will be emailed to you. This is your receipt.

If it is not sent, There are 2 ways. If you just want to see your status use the first.
Method 1. This is just for checking payment – for receipt look at method 2 below.
Login, Scroll to the bottom and right – click on the Blue edit button
Scroll down again to the bottom and scroll right and a Green Button marked E- Paravolo. Click and the status will come up on screen.
Status NEO changes to Paid in Greek. And a date of receipt shows up
Log on, scroll right to the 3 buttons –Edit (Blue) Print (light Blue) or Delete (red)
Click on Print and a pdf file will be displayed/downloaded.
Either save this to your device remembering where you put it. Preferably, you should Print it…….
If you cannot print it, you may be able to email it to a friendly person or email to the local Port Police for them to print. You may get away with just showing it on screen.
NEO means NEW ie “not paid”
Go Sailing!

Editing your Entry

It appears that you cannot do it. – but don’t panic….. you will have your receipt.

You will need to make a new “application” but using you exiting login.
Follow the above, ticking off the months you want to use, and then use the new 20 digit number to pay.



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