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We have just moved to a house with a mooring on the Orwell. Previously the hassle of having to keep a boat miles away detered me from getting one, but with a mooring so close I have decided to take the plunge. However, I am completely broke and without the help of somekind of corporate sponsor or massive loan I don't want to spend more than £4000 on a boat. Is it possible to get a decent boat that isnt going to sink or fall apart or require loads of work done. I was told a folk boat with be a fairly good one to go for, but doesn't wood require lots of maintenance which sounds expensive! I would greatly appreciate any help / advice and if you have some kind of boat for sale which around 22' + under £4000 please email me!!



I bought an old 50 man offshore lifeboat for £2,500 + VAT.

Twenty five feet long - totally enclosed - built 1978 (but it had been in the water for less than 24 hours) - unsinkable.

The 70HP SABB engine (a marinised Mitsubishi) had 6 running hours on the clock and after changing out the fuel and re-charging the batteries she was ready to rock and roll with zero modification.

I did a "quick and dirty" conversion over last winter in between fishing trips and had a seven week holiday on her this year. (Scotland to France and return.)

Now I know her a little better and know my own needs I'm looking at changing things around to make it more "liveable" and less obvious as a conversion.

Boats of comparable size and engine capacity come in at up to £50,000 new and £20,000 very old.

She rolls like a bitch and only does 8 knots flat out - but you get used to it!!

Hope this is some help.

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Have recently puchased a 21 foot motor cruiser, moored in Neptune Marina in Ipswich... if you want to pop along and have a look you are most welcome... It cost me just over £5k but needed next to nothing doing to to it... you can pick them up from £4k and they will need a little spit and polish here and there!

Drop me a line if you wanna have a look!

Good luck...


PS - These forums are a great source of information to the newbie's.. helped me a lot!


Thanks for the advice. I have been told that a deep fin keel Hurley 22 with a Skeg rudder is an excellent first boat which is very sea worthy. Does anyone know much about them - and what are the major things that I should look for when viewing one. Oh, if anyone has one to sell please email me as well! Once again, thanks for the help!



You have to be a little careful with older Hurleys, as the gelcoat is not that great and can be prone to osmosis (I know - I had one, an 18) and there are 5 in my home harbour, where two have had similar problems.

Some people consider the 22 to be a bit too stiff, as it has lots of weight in the keel (about 60%, I think) and it doesn't carry that much sail. But it is a strong and seaworthy boat.

You could also go for an L23 (not an LM23!):

which is a great little boat, well known here in Denmark (and my neighbour has one for sale for about £3500, if you don't mind transporting it!). I have one myself...

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