Your money wanted (sponsorship) Ignore unless pecunious



As a consumer of sea water and other marine resources (boat owner, see) I've agreed to help sponsor this project, especially as a bunch of students are putting their backs into footing it across land to help the cause. Either contact me or Allan at the address below if you would like to chuck some spare change at this project.





I am writing to you on behalf of our expedition team of five students from the University of Southampton. In the Summer of 2001 a student expedition team will be leaving Southampton to spend 8 weeks on a remote island in Indonesia as part of Operation Wallacea.

Operation Wallacea is a series of scientific wildlife survey and conservation expeditions to a remote corner of the island of Sulawesi. It has been running wildlife research and community development projects in SE Sulawesi for the last 6 years. In 2000 there were nearly 300 mainly University students, together with 20 scientists, 3 professional photographers, 2 artists, expert trackers and forest support teams, diving staff and extensive logistics team to support the wide range of projects completed

Whilst on the island, we, the students will be taking an active role in community projects and collating data which will be used in our third year projects (these projects largely determine the level of the degree which we attain). This is an opportunity to make a tangible contribution to conservation and sustainable development in an area rich in bio-diversity, but poor in material resources. Our main area of research will be colonisation and coral reef fish recruitment into damaged and artificial reefs.

However, the cost of this project is high (total cost per student is £ 3,200.00 including flights) and as students we are not able to afford all the expenses. In order to raise the money required for our expedition, a total of £16,000.00, we are organising a large number of fundraising events. A major event is a 28 mile walk across the Isle of Wight, which will take place on the weekend 5-6th May 2001. It is our intention to gain a lot of support from the media, Meridian T.V., local radio and newspapers to highlight our fundraising and to gain "free" advertising for our Sponsors.

At all events we organise and attend we will be wearing Operation Wallacea 2001 expedition shirts, these are shirts, designed and commissioned by us, which will carry the names and logos of all of our sponsors. We are currently recruiting sponsors and hope that you will consider helping us by donating £100.00 (or more) to secure your companies logo on our expedition shirts.

We would be grateful for any sponsorship you may be able to provide to our expedition team and would kindly request that you email us by return if you have any questions or wish to pledge.

Many thanks Allan Watson -

---------------------- Allan Watson