Storm Windows


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19 Nov 2001
A member of the U.S. based Nauticat Owners Association ( will take delivery of a brand spankin' new Nauticat 37 later on this summer and intends to sail her from Finland back to the good ole' US of A. He has raised the subject of storm windows to cover the pilothouse windows during this voyage across the Atlantic and is wondering whether this is really necessary. The mother yard says no, other sailors seem to think otherwise. Given that there are a lot more motorsailers with pilothouses afloat on the North Sea and Baltic, question to you guys across the pond is, do you recommend storm windows? If not, why not and if so, why? What material would you use to fabricate and mount them? Thanks and Cheers, Ronald


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7 Jun 2001
Storm Windows - Yes.

Having crossed the Atlantic a couple of times, I would say categorically yes, you need to have something ready you can quickly bang over a window should it fail.

The chances of being badly caught out on a crossing are very small. But if you should run into a F10+, the force of a breaking wave on a window has to be seen (and heard) to be believed. I carry a couple of 1" thick ply covers with strongbacks - but then my largest portlight is only 20" x 10".

But I am concerned that in some pilot-house designs the windows actually appear to contribute to the structural integrity of the pilot-house, the framing being so narrow. In that case there would be no point in covers.