Simrad Ethernet Question


New member
5 Jun 2015
Dear YBW users and fellow sailors.

I have a simple question i hope some of you can help me with. I need 2 new GPS devices on my boat, and want the Simrad NSS7 Evo2, 1 in cockpit and a slave on flybridge. Can i connect those 2 directly with just 1 Ethernet cable?, i don't plan on adding anything else, if i want an autopilot or wifi at some point i can connect those through the Navico Ethernet Extension box, and will buy the box when the times comes to it. Now i want just 2 devices linked so i can use one as master and one as slave, can it be done just by 1 cable?

I live in Denmark and sail around the Eastern shores, but i hope it's ok to invade your Forums here :)

Best regards
Simon M. Nielsen