River Roach


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19 Jan 2002
The river Roach which joins the river Crouch about 2 miles east of Burnham is a haven for nature. The main reason being the Islands, Potton & Foulness and the adjoining mudflats that are feeding grounds for thousands of birds. Yokesfleet creek a favourite anchorage spot also is the home of a small family of seals, it appears to be the area used to bring up pups. Sitting in the sun last year watching a pup go up a mud bank and propel itself back down into the water was not only a joy to watch but obviously much fun for the seal.
This tranquility is enjoyed by many yachtmen who in the main respect this special area, but why with an 8 Knot limit clearly marked does a ski-boat have to roar up and down to the detriment of all. The seals scatter in danger of being injured by the speeding boat, anchored boats rock back and forth, the tranquility is no more.
Is part of the enjoyment upsetting others I can only guess, no I have not got a downer on ski-boats obviously this is a small minority giving others a very bad name.
There has been talk of a blanket speed limit on the Roach but somehow I wonder if this minority would take any notice. Bans are a concern as eventually everybody gets banned wheather they are part of the problem or not.
Is education the way foreward, what are the thoughts of this forum on this issue?

Happy sailing & boating to all


I was sailing on the Roach for the first time this weekend. Anchored at what I think was called Barlinghall Creek. It was blissful! I was the one sunbathing with my feet up as my boat sailed herself downstream. Weather was balmy.

As a (South-) East Coast virgin I don't have much to compare it with - hope the rest of the (South-) East Coast is like that. I didn't see any other boats underway except one little gaffer pottering along.

Apart from the 8kn limit, there were also signs saying waterskiing is banned, so hope the ski boat wasn't towing a skier too.


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8 Jan 2002
In cases like you mention, a call to the Harbour Authority launch usually results in him "having a word". I don't think that many speedboat users deliberately set out to annoy, they just don't appreciate the effects of their actions and once pointed out they usually behave considerately{not always I accept}I can't see how education would help unless it was compulsory and please preserve us from that fate.
If anyone is tempted by Trevor's description of the area, you wouldn't like it,it's too quiet,dont go there.