Please God no more....


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16 May 2001
Chatham, Kent
Postings about the bloody Burgees. Am I the only one sick to death of hearing about them?

I don't want one, I don't want to send my address, or a cheque. I don't care a monkey's toss about any of it

Who wants to know what version flew on which boat? What style, cost, material, size and all the rest of the mundane rubbish.

Not to mention where to wear it. And I just rolled about laughing at all the puns about onion burgees. Nearly split my sides.

I have to read enough shiite without the same deadheads coming up to my boat after spotting my Burgee then giving me some more verbal diarrhoea. (had to look that up)

I am losing the will to live reading about the postman failing to deliver, after all, they have got other things to worry about, like no job.

And as for having 1000 on a Burgee coz you post a lot, well that is just sadder than sad. I would think that you would want to hide the fact, not shout it from the rooftops. Go out and get a life, stop harping on about crap that doesn't matter to people who don't care.

There is a word for all would be Burgee wearers.


Please stick the Burgees where the sun doesn't shine.

There I've said it now, glad to get it off of my chest.

Dave S


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6 Nov 2001
Psst do you want to buy a genuine copy style burgee made in taiwan but nobody but an expert can tell the diffirence.go on. won,t half impress those blokes on that snotty forum err what boatuser or summick...................

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16 May 2001
Any Pub Lancashire or Wales
I think we got the message the first time. But with all this intrest. Can I offer you at a special price. BG1. A little on the smaller side for eerrr. £9.99 or you can have the famed BG1.1 as originally flown and test piloted on Englander. This of course is the premier number one burgee for special occasions. And will be making appearances at all known boating events. However if you would be prepared to make an offer. I am sure your wishes could be accomadated.
Alternatively I do a range of genuine Sabden Treacle mine toffee ore. This is famed for adding hair to chests, but can also be used for removing chips from shoulders and other ailments. Please send SAE!!

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11 Dec 2001
So are we to assume.....

...that you don't want a burgee then Dave?

Perhaps it's the shape you don't like? Triangular as against moon shaped?

Or the colour? Plain blue as against multi-hues like your shirts?

Or is it really that since you don't qualify for the 1,000 version, you're having a good sulk?

Bet Sarah'd have one given the choice. She's a lady of real taste.