Noticesw to Mariners - week 21 Part 2


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5 Nov 2002
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Bit of a long week! Local notices continues:

4. RIVER MEDWAY – LONG REACH - MUSSEL BANK – PIPE CONSTRUCTION WORK - as part of a Southern Water project to upgrade its wastewater assets at Swalecliffe, a pipeline will be towed into the River Medway where it will undergo work to prepare it for installation. 2 no. 500m sections of pipe will be towed into the Medway by the tug “Bommel” which will be assisted by the multi-cat “Leon H” and an additional security craft. The pipe sections will be towed to Long Reach where they will be secured in position on the “Mussel Bank” via a system of 3 anchors and buoys. The 2 sections will undergo preparatory work before being joined together to form 1 continuous section of 1000m. When the Swalecliffe site is ready to receive the pipeline, it will be towed out of Medway and transported to the pre-dredged trench for installation. Whilst secured on the mussel bank, the anchor system and pipe sections will be located in the approximate area highlighted in the chartlet (Uusal Page) The buoys attached to the anchor positions will be illuminated and the jack-up barge associated with the work will remain on location, all assets will be clear and to the north of the main navigable channel.
Work is due to commence on or around 15th May 2024 when the first barge will arrive on site. The pipe sections are expected to be delivered on or around 18th May 2024 when they will be towed to the work site. The work to prepare, connect and ready the pipeline for delivery to Swalecliffe is expected to take approximately 4 - 6 weeks. All vessels transiting Long Reach in the Medway are requested to navigate with caution, be aware of the hazard posed by the long sections of pipe which will lie between the two illuminated buoys and not attempt to navigate between the buoys. NB – The pipe sections will be on the surface of the water and may not be very conspicuous at night.
5. River Medway - Saltpan Reach - London Thamesport Diving Operations and CP Installation Works Underneath the Quay. - a programme of work including diving operations is due to commence at London Thamesport Terminal. The work is a continuation of the cathodic protection (CP) installation to the existing tubular piles supporting the London Thamesport quay deck. Work will commence on or around 14/05/2024 with an estimated completion date of 16/06/2024, all works will be carried out by a small workboat and/or a floating work platform which will be lifted in/out daily by quayside crane. The works team will liaise daily with the terminal supervisors who will advise them of expected vessel movements. The dive supervisor will monitor VHF channel 74 at all times and notify Medway VTS when divers enter and exit the water, call-sign for the divers is “Ocean Kinetics Divers”. All vessels arriving/departing London Thamesport should confirm the status of diving ops prior to berthing/unberthing. All passing ships and leisure craft should navigate with caution and reduce their wash appropriately.
6. Ipswich Dredge Campaign - commencing 18th May 2024 the Ipswich Dredge Campaign will be carried out. From 18th – 22nd May the trailing suction hopper Dredger UKD Orca will be operating. From 19th – 30th May the plough dredger UKD Sealion will be operating. Mariners are requested to pass these vessels slowly and cautiously with care. A listening Watch will be maintained at all times on VHF CH68. Mariners wishing for up-to-date positions can do so by contacting ONS on VHF Ch68.
7. Dover Harbour - Wick Channel Closure and Restricted Area - from the 20th May 2024 the Wick Channel and the connected basins are closed to all vessels, other than those involved in land reclamation works planned to commence later this year, or excepted craft. Therefore, the Inner Harbour will become a restricted area to small vessels other than in case of emergency. Image available.
8. Dover Harbour - Relocation of VTS to the Fallback Centre - Dover VTS will temporarily relocate from the current VTS building on the end of the Eastern Arm to the Terminal Control Building, for a period commencing on Monday 20th May 2024 until approximately Monday 15th July 2024. The following VTS functions may be affected from time to time:
Visual signals at the Eastern
Weather and tidal sensors
Main radar (coverage will still be provided by Admiralty Pier and Marina infill radars)
Although this equipment outage will be kept to a minimum, Mariners should remain alert that radar coverage to the east of the port will be reduced at times. The view from the Terminal Control building can be restricted with VTS Officers reliant upon Radars and AIS. We ask that Mariners report any vessels, especially small craft, who may not be communicating. Stakeholders are encouraged to avoid non-essential telephone calls to VTS, and Email any non-urgent communications to the Duty Harbour Masters at

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