Marina Continental rebuild


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5 Aug 2001
Somerset UK
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Now have almost all I need for speedboat rebuild, not lost too many of the worries
Have used a grinder to remove all top surfaces from inside. This has
revealed some cracking from the poor cradle set up of the trailor and the
positioning of origional cross timbers on floor, the layout was modified at
some stage for sure. The old layout very simelar to old sports car layout
of 2 + 2!
The cracking I intend to grind out and fill with resin and a little xtra
catalyst and I have new timbers to put across inside of hull, though I am
not sure how they are fitted, I have profiled them and allowed for pvc pipe
to let water pass. I have no reference as to how they are fixed - just
resin or screws thru hull?
New transom built - very strong and awaiting addition to hull.
Seats - I have two bench seats which carry makers marks, indend to do some
sewing and renovation here, but no sign of there ever having been any
backrests fitted - is that normal for 50's 60's speedboats?
Still no more news on Id of boat other than brochure front page for a
successor (grp decking) and scrutineers report for that boat from 1970, mine was raced in 60's as "bird brain" of Bristol!
Now sure that my boat had ply decks, it is still my intention to replace with
mahogany or teak, old wardrobes perhaps the source for timber?

Out of depth a little here any help most welcome!
Outboard: GOOD HOME AWAITS WILLING 40 yo 40+ hp ORPHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

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