Harmonisation i dont think so


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27 Mar 2005
Please excuse me i have not read all the posts on here so someone may have brought this up before. As i see it if the govt and EU wants to harmonise duty for us boaters then why will we still have to pay such high duty rates for petrol and diesel for road use our duty is a lot more than in most of the rest of europe so the govt is not playing fair with us or any one who uses fuel for road use its about time we all made a stand like the french do why dont we go and blokade a few ports when we had the feul protests a few years ago the govt was within a week of collapse so im led to believe we are all siting here moaning about it but at the end of the day we ll just do the normal british thing and lay down and put up with it if we dont take positve action now then we may as well give up. Why do nurses get paid less than school teachers answer because they have never been militant now i dont want you all to think im a militant type as im not but there does come a time when a stand must be made we could get great support from the genral public if we expose the way that this govt is proposing to increase duty for us on the grounds of EU harmonisation but they would not consider harmonising duty with or euro neighbours when it comes to road fuel