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30 May 2001
high and dry on north island
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This seasons niggles started with:

The grab line on our 12 month old Plastimo lifebuoy, kept in a locker unless we are sailing, pulled off because the webbing loops had rotted in the sun. Returned to Plastimo via Force 4 3 weeks ago, no reply yet.

The replacement Rev counter supplied under warranty for our Volvo engine has an hour meter with LCD figures rather than the original mechanical. Apparently LCD displays do not like damp and it declines to display the hours unless we remove the rev counter and cook it in front of a fan heater - fortunately it still retains the hours, only the readout goes walkabout.

When will we get the marinised products we pay the inflated prices for?


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16 May 2001
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Then again

I've just built and fitted out an ocean-going boat, needless to say with vast amounts of chandlery. Of course a few items have gone wrong but I've been surprised by the quality of customer service. Examples:

Vetus helm seat gone wobbly: replaced free.
Autohelm: small link broke: replacement free by return
Icom hand VHF: dropped in a puddle: new battery pack supplied free.
Whale water pressure pump developed a leak: replaced free by SeaTeach

Compliments to the British (and Dutch) maine industries.

Latest problem is Coppercoat antifouling bubbling off. I hope they're as good as the others!