New Tsunamis99 i.e Navigator



I have used Tsunamis99 for past year with excellent results, so at LBS I purchased new version
"Navigator" They asked me my operating system WinME ah can't use it yet on ME will have that
sorted in two to three weeks, and send info on Download. Thats alright I say, as I have a second
laptop with T99 on it which uses Win98. The Brochure says minimum requirements 16mb ram
(64 recommended) and 50MB of hard disc. THE BROCHURE (and instruction manual) ARE WRONG.
tried to load it onto humble 32 ram PC no way the following message pops up.
Minimum ram 64 (128 recommended) minimum free hard disc space 1 GB, YES 1GB not 50MB.
Thats a hungry programme. Phone Transas this morning they were given wrong info for brochure
& user manual which got printed with the smaller requirements. Humble apologies. Have invested
in further 64 ram for old PC and will try out tomorrow. If demo at show is anything to go by and
I get it working all will be forgiven.



I am sure it will be excelent once I get it working, if T99 was anything to go by.
My point is that one can buy the product having read the brochure and in this case having the salesman
demonstrate it, only to find that both the brochure and the salesman for that matter, have mislead you
about your PC requirements.
Incidently I have loaded it on my desktop which has the required ram etc, and when you go to load
charts from the CD, having OK'd the permit code it then says "no charts licenced from this version"
that which I have just paid £100 plus for. Did you get that problem ?



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16 May 2001
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ouch!!! talk me thru it...just ordered this morning from Transas!!!!!

I had a chat on Friday with chap at boatshow who told me then it was 1Gb and 64mb RAM...obviously a couple of unhappy punters had been back to the show fuming...

Got it working yet?? Have seens your other posts RE:Win98