Moorings on the Anchome


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18 Aug 2001
North Lincolnshire
I am looking to moore a Princess 25 somewhere not too far from Grimsby. Perhaps Brigg or South Ferriby on the River Anchome, or at Lincoln. If anyone has any experience of mooring at these locations I would be pleased to hear from you.


Ive been on the Ancholme a couple of times and cruised up as far as Brigg, this is a pleasant little town with plenty of pubs and retaurants, and the Glanford Boat Club which once you have joined has mooring fees which only a club can offer! with a Princess 25 you could get up to Brandy wharf where thers a pub that only sells cider, but little else, There are moorings at south ferriby where the river Ancholme meets the Humber. Why not visit by road, its their open weekend next weekend (24/25 Aug) and we'll be there as will a lot more visitors



I used to moor a Leisure 17 at South Ferriby and I was forever scrubbing cement off the decks from the local cement works so I can't recommend it as a permanent mooring.

Also was in Grimsby Marina a few weeks ago and was amazed at the improved facilities so why not in Grimsby?

Nearer the sea - easy access to the Humber and the North Sea - shower a bit cranky but otherwise good facilities and plenty of diesel available by pump (I think it is still "carry your own cans" in Ferriby).

Further up the Ancholme near Brigg (I used to be a policeman there) is fine but a long way from anywhere.

Nope - if it was me I plump for Grimsby everytime.

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Ian D

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