Mean While Back At The Ranch!!


16 May 2001
Any Pub Lancashire or Wales
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Some bodies dug up the bloody phone wires. So needing to catch up quick.

Matt. There’s a job for you at the UN in Afghanistan.
Managing to keep peace between the stinkyboaty tribe and the ragandstickyboaty lot.
If were not careful we're going to finish up with a unisex site. Just like going to the barbers!
It makes. "Would you like something for the weekend sir." Take on a whole new meaning.
Raggys and stinkies all in the same bed together!!
It's goin to be.
"Kindly sir. May I please park my rag boat up to your stinky. Oh what a lovely growly sound those engine make".
And. "Oh yes come alongside please. Could th-wife hang er knickers to dry, up that big stick". "Shertaily sir no problem anything for a fellow boaty."
" I'll let you play with mine if I can play with yours."!!
"Yes lets. Goody, Goody."

I can’t really see how you could challenge a yacht against a motorboat. Everything is different.
I mean. You can’t go down stairs with pencil and paper, tide tables, chart and almanac, with a motor boat. Cos yul just ram some poor yachtie and upset them all again.
So GPS and press Auto button is best.

And you can’t go spinning round on sixpence, in the marina and use one engine for propulsion and tother to stop wind drag with a yacht.

Oh and yes whilst on such intimate terms.
And only in the process of mutual understanding.
And maybe explaining allot.
Mi track button's knackered on mi flybridge. So if any yachts in way I have to think. Errr will it miss it or not. If looks too close. Have to knock it off then run downstairs to knock it back on again. With loads of yachts and lobster pots its a bit of a pain, so if I'm coming, could you please just buzz off a bit.
And in the interest of this new found friendship.
Fly bridges aren’t pounce things. They have them on life boats and even submarines. Its so you can see where your goin.
But also good for sunny days. Sort of sports car on top of saloon car. Now why didn’t the car folk think of that?
Why do we hang them over the back. In the way of the bathing platform. Making boarding from the back impossible.
Can’t it go over the front or some place and act as a bumper?

Anything else to catch up on?



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10 Oct 2001
Poole Dorset
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I've seen a boat with a "boom thingy" that swings out over the side of the boat, can't you geat one of them...also good for drying sails!