MBMonthly – Sept - Polar Bound


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9 Jul 2001
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The write up of David Scott Cowper’s trek around the world certainly makes inspiring reading. I must say that I was some what surprised that he was not able to get very much sponsorship bar some equipment.

Why can’t MBM / IPC provide some help, may be set up a web site a provide weekly progress reports, a bit about the spec of the boat, drawings and the route he’s taking with loads of interesting data etc. I’m sure it would get a great deal of interest and attract advertisers, all which could help fund him. Not that me working in marketing has anything to do wit it :)

I’d be interested to hear what other people think or if they could help fund him, I know I would if I had any spare cash. And the story of the adventure would make a great read.

What do folks think and can anyone help him.


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16 May 2001
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It would certainly make for an interesting project! Also working in marketing I have many clients/contacts that would probably be interested in providing sponsorship and/or support. If Kim H wants to pass me some contact details I will be happy to progress something



16 May 2001
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Never heard of him but.

If you can find me a sponsor I'll be quite happy to buy a new boat and tootal round the Med or some place. I'll even get a rag boat if it makes them any happier.

Colins looking for something a bit bigger for his next exploits too!!

Dont bother about Matt, he can afford his own, but if you could also find a few of thoughs girls usually seen around these sponsorship deals. Please could you through in a few.

Nick's also in need of a new boat and I'm quite sure that he will be perfectly happy to sail around Scotland in it , even if it does have to have written in big letters round the side of it.

Durex, Mates or even Tampax!!



Isn't his chap rather rich? I can't imagine that he needs the loot.

And what exactly would be the sponsorship deal? - Give us some money and we'll put your company name on the side of the boat and umm go to the arctic circle and prat about a bit. It's not a race, so you can't win, it's just jolly, keeping out of the wife's hair for a year or so. Worth about 2 grand from Fisherman's Friend or suchlike.


6 Aug 2001
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I once had one of those Gardiner engines in an ex Water Board compressor which I bought for a 100 quid, about 28 years ago. It was beautiful and you started it by flicking decompression levers on each pair of cylynders. It ran like a dream but when the compressor packed up I sold it to some bloke for 50 quid who wanted it for the engine.

Just think, I could have ripped out the Volvos and had hours, I mean days of fun tooting about at 7 knots.

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I'm sure the guy's made of the regular right stuff and drinks Carling Black Label and all that but is there any real purpose to this trip other than getting away from wife and brats for a few months? Come to think of it, thats worth a few quid in sponsorship in itself but huddling in his saloon listening to Abba CD's on repeat play stuck on some god-forsaken iceberg for 9 months is hardly going to make a riveting TV prog so hence I guess no money forthcoming
Whilst I'm on the subject, the fact that MBM and MBYhave many of the same features and tests as each other now p....s me off big time. Polar bound was covered by both mags plus each tested the new Sealine 48 within one month of each other. I mean there must be dozens of manufacturers falling over themselves to get the mags to advertise (oops, sorry I meant test) their boats so why do they have to duplicate each other. Kim Hollamby, where are you.......?