Greece getting Greedy??



On a recent trip to Mourtos on the mainland, from our current base at Gouvia Marina, Corfu, the tranquility and pleasantness of the morning sunshine was suddenly clouded by the arrival of a 'man in a hat' at the bottom of the passerelle demanding to see our 'papers'. Having inspected them, I was directed to the office on the quayside to be told that I now needed a new document that has to be presented for stamping, at all ports of call. The reason given: "you are British registered so you are not paying tax in Greece". The new document cost me 20,000 drachma, and a charge is also to be made for stamping in the various ports.
Two points concerned me.
1) Why were only owners of British flagged boats sent to the office? German, Swedish and Italian Flags were in port too!!
2) Surely, under European Union Law, it is illegal to impose extra duties on citizens from other member Countries??

Having informed the rather 'self important' man behind the desk, just how much money had been spent on the boat, (23+ million drachma) since it's arrival in Greece 18 months ago, plus the average spend of 160,000 drach's per person on board each week whilst on vacation, the guy waiting behind me in the queue mentioned that Portugal had tried a similar scheme some years ago, with a result that most people took their boats to Spain, never to return.
The Greek authorities should understand that they risk a flourishing industry by making petty demands for extra cash, rather than take the overall picture of how much revenue each foreign registered craft generates.
Meanwhile, Turkey beckons.

Anyone with similar experiences?


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16 May 2001
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I recall an article in MBY about something like this and if memory serves the concept was deemed a bit shaky...I will have a look and try and find the article.

I suspect that the UK flagged vessels were picked on because the chap spoke English...the only other European language taught historically in Greece is French.

On a more positive note how long have you been in Corfu and how do you find it??

Do you liveaboard or 'commute' down....I'm interested in hearing as I fancy doing some extended Greek Medding myself and want to get a flavour.

Any thoughts gratefully received - if you prefer.



Thanks Stefan,
I will have to look back through my MBY archive, if you do find it please let me know which issue.
Thanks also for the pointer as regards the language/flagging issue. I found the attitude strange, because generally speaking (ha ha) the greeks are very pro 'the Brit's'.

We have been based at Gouvia since March 2000. In the summer travel is very easy because of the charter flights direct from the UK (best days Mondays and Fridays) In the winter getting there can be a pain, because the internal flights don't match up with the Uk flights to well so you spend hours at the airport.

Coming from the South of France was a bit of a shock because there are very few Marina's, but on the other hand there are some beautiful bays and towns with quaysides to visit. Facilities are gradually being improved, but self sufficeincy is the name of the game. We installed a watermaker last year which has made life a lot easier, shorepower is in short supply although Mourtos does now have this on the main quayside.
If you want details of Gouvia Marina go to
For summer flights we use:

Gouvia Marina is well protected and only 15mins in a taxi from the Airport. The mainland ports and islands to the south are approx 25 miles to reach so I you have a fairly slow boat (like us) it takes a while to reach these places but once there you can hop back and forth between them easily probably no more than 12-15 miles, so a pleasant morning's cruise before finding another beauty spot.
You need to cruise in the morning for two reasons;
1) The sea can easily pick-up in the afternoon, generated by sea/land breezes and the high daytime temperature.
2) It is well worth getting somewhere early because there are a great many flotilla companies operating in this area, and space can be scarce later on in the day.
I hope this sets the scene for you. See you there!
Rgds Peter.

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