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26 Feb 2013
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I have received some feedback regarding my anchor light.

I will not say who, in case they wish to remain anon., but thanks very much to them.

They said:

"Here's the photo I promised you. Taken a couple of nights
ago. It was a clear starry night and the light really stood out...we were visible a
long way off. I went out in the tender to get the photo so forgive me if
it's a bit blurred.
I zoomed in from quite far off so a bit fuzzy. Two cabin lights to the RHS
but had anchor light on the backstay.
Lovely and bright though, isn't it.
Keep up the good work."

Looks like they have quite a long boat if light is on rear forestay and yellow lights are cabin lights (midships?). Nice bit of reflection from rear backstay and cockpit?

Anyone else wish to send in feedback, please do. Most grateful.