Copper antifouling


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30 Jan 2002
Genoa Italy
Has any one heard (or used) of this special copper antifouling?
The makers claim that you only need to put a coat on once every
5 or more years, and it is very tough, strong antifoul
Our boat is moored on an almost open deep water mooring in summer and gathers a lot of weed usually, so it sounds perfect.
To good to be true?


11 Jan 2002
Caribbean at the moment
yes, muerous posts about this, specially on scuttlebutt I think. Worth using the "search" facilties for "copperbot" first. Indeed, so many posts that a precis would be worth seeing. It's much more expesnive than the normal gloop.


My boat has copper antifoul, 1991 Princess 388, it was applied late 1996 and reputedly has at least 10 years life, it is the epoxey based type so it does not go green when the boat is out of the water, now when I bought the boat 1999 I had it lifted the following may, 2000 after taking advice from the people who applied it I abraided the whole bottom with wet and dry sandpaper, what a frigging job but anyway this was supposed to make it work better releasing some of the copper particles to the surface when the weed grows on the water line you just get the stiff deckbrush and sweep it off, it does not stick to it at all, the stern is always in the sunlight due to position of mooring more or less southfacing but it drops off when you take her out for a spin. Great stuff IMHO glad i did not pay to have it done but it must have saved me about 600.00 already in 2 seasons.

Paul js.