Boat accomodation



Further to recent comments about "hotel" accommodation if the helm is secured with a cover of some arrangement i think this would put fiddlers off. I was thinking of offering to upmarket clientelle , where a deposit is required I thought it would be a novel idea for couples or business people offering an upmarket experience with free bottles of duty free plonk
(small cost) spacious accom. compared to hotel .We know the luxuries of our boats that we promote. If it covered the cost of marina & loan repayments it would be a cheap way to run a quality cruiser . Maybe i could become an agent if others would like to offer their boats for a small fee! This could be a start of something big! for people who want to upgrade to a bigger boat with some help. I am prepared to do some marketing & research if others think this could run. Not to many negative responses please we can make the reality of a bigger boat come true