Volvo MD2B Loss of Power



I have a Macwester 27 fitted with a MD2B. Recently and very intermittently when attempting to increase throttle revs the engine fails to pick up speed and almost dies on me. On throttling back the engine runs OK and normally when opening up the throttle again all is well. The engine may have been running for hours or next to no time at all. It does not appear to make any difference. Filters and fuel lines were checked/changed at the beginning of the season and until recently all was working well. Can anyone offer a clue to what may be causing the problem.
Derek S


New member
27 Nov 2002
Don't know if its any help but I once had a similar problem with Land Rover engine.

It turned out to be the tiny mesh filter at the end of the pick-up pipe in the fuel tank that had come adrift and at the right combination of vibration and fuel flow scrunched up and blocked the pipe.

Whatever it certainly sounds fuel related

Good Luck