volvo d3 oil leak


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7 May 2024
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I'm looking to buy a boat with a d3-200 engine, but I cannot make sense of the pictured oil leak.
It looks to come from the shut off cock on the turbo cooler and there is a significant amount of oil in the bilge,
Sorry about the poor quality on the photo from the bilge, but there's also water there.

So i'm a bit confused because of this leak, from the diagrams it looks to me that this valve enters the charge air side of the cooler and not the seawater side (or any part where there should be oil).
But what's the purpose of this valve if there only is air there?
And since it's coming oil from it, does that indicate a blown turbo or ventilation issues?

Seller has little information from the boat, it's on land, but have not been winterized and there has been cold weather.