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Firstly I must apologise to Kim and all those who object to the same posting appearing on more than one forum, however this matter is urgent and needs the full attention of all interested parties, so please bear with me this once!

Some 8 or 9 months ago, I posted to the forum an item requesting help for the town of Brightlingsea to fight off the unwanted attentions of a property developer. I know from feedback I received that several of you who know the area put pen to paper to assist our cause.

The cause for concern was the development of the old James and Stone shipyard site into a Docklands type development. No one would agree that the now derelict site should be left as it is, and that some sort of development is desperately needed. HOWEVER, the developer Hampstead Homes has taken it that a development in keeping with a small East Coast port is a 154 unit development on less than 5 acres of buildable land! The development extends some 25 metres further out into the creek than the original proposal, further obstructing the tidal flow near a site of special scientific interest. The height of the buildings is now some 20.70 metres above the foreshore which is in fact 1.5m below OD. The buildings are all 4 storey plus roof space, the original brief was "2/3 storey with some scope for a limited amount of 4 storey including roof space". In short, the buildings extend too far into the creek, there are too many units on too small an area, the development is out of keeping with existing buildings, the tidal flow will be obstructed, and the towns infrastructure just cannot cope with such a large potential influx of residents.

It seems hard to believe that not 5 miles down river, the re development of the old Wivenhoe Shipyard site has produced an acceptable plan of some 76, 2 storey units on 6 acres of buildable land.

So Ladies and Gentlemen, your help is once again requested...If you REALLY care about what is happening to the waterfront around the East Coast, PLEASE make your voice heard by writing BEFORE THE 25th JANUARY to the following address and quoting the application number, outlining the concerns as above.

Application No.01/02099/FUL

Mr Peter Le Grys
Planning Department
Tendring District Council
Council Offices
Thorpe Road
CO16 9AJ

Your voice will help to keep Brightlingsea as it is, a quiet little backwater that is a pleasure to visit by land or sea!

Mr Cassandra

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5 Nov 2001
Eastern Med ish
The unacceptable intrusion of this forum is a start. this forum is for yachtsmen and women to air their opinion .not a free ride for people like yourself Please use another method to air your views. bobt

Bob T


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16 May 2001
Re: Clearly you\'ve never sailed in Brightlingsea

You're answer echoes like a throw-back to the dark days of Scuttlebutt just before it was forced to close down by just the sort of posting you have made (okay - not quite that bad, but this was how it started).

John is a regular and valued contributor to this board; and raises a very serious point about a plan that will drastically change a favourite sailing destination of many on this forum.

As such I for one think that this is a very appropriate subject for discussion on this forum. In contrast I think that your posting is at odds with the friendly atmosphere that has grown up here since its relaunch.

Chill out


Gosh that\'s a bit bitchy isn\'t it?

Isn't a developer's incursion into yet another sailing area a legitimate subject for a sailing forum?

Are you the moderator, or just pushy?


30 Nov 2002
And just who are you?

to lay down the law in such a manner? Evidently you are a property developer, or some such lower life form, yourself. The point raised is a perfectly proper one, one of a type that has been raised here ever since Scuttlebut first started, and one which is very much germane to a cruising forum.


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31 Jul 2001
I thought this had been turned down last year,is it the same application as last time or something else.We as a club objected to this and thought it had been rejected last year,six days is not long to object.


Well then Bob!

So this forum is "for Yachtsmen and Women to air their views, and not a free ride for people like myself." I would be fascinated to know what qualifications you have to make such an outrageous comment Bob.

Are you saying that I am an environmental nutter who thought this BB would be a good platform to air my views, or are you saying that I am not a real yachtsman?

To put you right on a couple of facts.

1) I am not an environmentalist. Yes, of course I care about the environment, who doesn't? but not to the extent that the militant factions take matters.
2) I am a Yachtsman through and through. I have been on the water for 40 years now, and sail my 29 footer with my family, extensively around the East Coast and Southern North Sea.My wife and children sail. My Parents have sailed all their lives, and even now in their late 70's still like to get afloat whenever they can, and my Grandparents on both sides of the family also sailed throughout their lives. My family also has one other major consideration in my original posting...we are a Brightlingsea family through and through hence my concern about this totally out of keeping development.

So Bob, just where do you stand on this matter? I have stated my case fully and without holding back. Now it is your turn to stand up and be counted...IF YOU HAVE THE NERVE!