Tall Ships Greenock 2011


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13 Feb 2011
Does anyone know whats happening here, went up last week to look at progress in getting pontoons / warehouse conversion in place and nothing seems to be happening. Just a new access road in place, but lots of sorting out of a very derelict area still needed. Liverpool's recent problems went through my mind. There is little on the website, also Inverclyde Regeneration have just had a severe funding cut.

That said where it was in 1999 at Customhouse Quay was really good and central. So maybe something is happening in the background to revert to the previous successful venue as a cheaper alternative?


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18 Aug 2009
Came across this in the Greenock Telegraph website - may help, but is 6 weeks old:

Enjoyable parts of Tall Ships event shelved
Published 5 Jan 2011 14:00 Print Comments 3 Comments

Was just catching up on the local news following a festive break, and was absolutely flabbergasted to discover the Tall Ships event is experiencing difficulties with funding and event logistics.

What is even better is we seem to be well on the way to suggesting that it is no one's fault.

If I understood correctly, spiralling costs were being partly blamed on the completely unexpected need to expand the event site for health and safety reasons.

I'm not entirely sure how this was unexpected as it certainly seemed blindingly obvious to an non-professional lay-person like myself.

Last time, we ran the event the whole length of the riverside, showcasing as much of the area as possible, next to public transport sites. This time we planned to jam it all into an unfinished site at the Sugar Sheds, adjacent to a barely fitfor- purpose railway station, in order to showcase - well I'm not actually sure what, regeneration perhaps?

More an abstract concept than a visitor attraction really. It is entirely shameful that almost all of the parts of the event people enjoyed the most last time, have now been shelved. And surprise, surprise, those are the bits that actually involve, entertain and engage our community.

If we can now just make sure no local businesses get the tenders to be on site at the event, we'll be well on the way to minimising any actual benefit to Inverclyde.

I would like to be clear though, last time, all manner of community groups and schools were involved in producing performances, artworks, puppets, parades - is there to be no financial support for any of this? If so, I must ask, how can that possibly be? It is not as if there has not been the time to pull it together, after all, the race was confirmed in 2008, and then announced with a massive logo filled banner that ran half the length of the Sugar Sheds. Money well spent.

However, there is no schadenfreude to be had here. Riverside Inverclyde's misfortunes are tied to our community.

Like everyone else, I want this event to succeed and I very much hope there is still time to turn it around.


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17 Sep 2009
Salish Sea
Don't know if it helps, but there was an invitation to tender posted regarding traffic management for the event that I picked up on a couple of weeks ago.


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6 Jul 2003
"We" as in the RSMYC were asked to get involved some time ago, but we have pulled out. I understand that the orginisers wanted following boats but it turns out that the Tall Ships will arrive in dribs & drabs, making it impossible to orginise a flotilla of following boats. Also the ships will be leaving in the same manner giving the same issues. Further, we were not offered any avenues to actually take part other than embellishing the event as a small side show. By that I mean allowing us all to get involved by way of say berthing for example. All in all it seems that there is nothing in it for us as they say. I am not sure if the authorities actually want pleasure boats around as it may mean they have to consider us from a H & S or an Estuary Control point of view, although that's just an impression on my part. It's a shame as many of us were looking forward to it and I think pleasure boats would add to the occasion. Maybe there will be a change of heart from the orginisers and we will all be encouraged to take part.

BTW and AFAIK the pontoons for the new marina facility are going ahead as planned and I think the ex-marina manager from Kip the marina.