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5 Jun 2001
Anyone been into Soutwold this year?

Any problems with moving sand bar etc. What are the moorings like for a long keel that needs 4ft 9in

Thinking of going there during the week of 24th

East Coast Pilot talks about grumpy fishermen, but that was several years ago !

Mike Woodhouse
Vertue V17


Speak to Ken Howells the Harbourmaster there - he will know the position of every hump in the approach and will even come out and meet you if you need it. He keeps a listening watch on VHF and will happily give you the very latest way in once you are outside the harbour.
Tide rips through and you need to keep to your line carefully.
Once in the moorings are good IF you follow Ken's advice re warping up - he will probably come and help you and he really is expert - trust him - I had about 5 big boats outside of me last year and he arranges things so that whena 4 knot tide rips through we gently floated AWAY from the stagings rather than being squashed.
On your approach to Southwold beware of the many pots waiting to get you north of Aldeburgh and particularly off SIzewell.
Good Luck


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6 Jun 2001
UK East Coast
Fully support Andrewm's posting and stress the advice to contact the harbour master by VHF well before you enter. An excellent place to visit. The visitor's staging is further upriver than most of the fisherman's moorings, but please please take care as just a short distance up river from the visitor's staging is a footbridge with only 2m airdraft. As you will be going in on the flood (4knots) and you will need to turn before tying up, you will not get a second chance at the turn before getting swept into the bridge. So, if you have a long keel yatch and have any doubt at all about making the turn in the space available, then poke the bow into the soft mud on the south bank opposite the visitor's staging where there are no moorings and let the current take you round. Once you are in Harbour Marine Services, run by John and Adel Butley, run a very good chandlery and yacht repair business. Have a nice time!