Sorry -Teak decks again


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17 Nov 2004
West Mersea. north Essex
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I know this subject had been done to death buit there is so much conflicting opinion.

We have a 2000 Bene with teak decks which are ply panels with about 3-4mm of teak on top and fake plank joints, rather than traditional teak planking.

We ususally leave it open over the winter (mistake?), and in the spring wash it down, soft brushing on T-Jett Marine Teak Wonder. I can't find the active ingredient of this.

We don't then use any type of oil.

After this winter we had extensive patches of green mould/lichen?. The Teak Wonder has taken the green away but left silver/black patches behind, quite visible even against the natural silvery colour of the teak.

Can anyone suggest any other chemical or treatment to remove this residue or will sea water and sunlight do this over time. I am not prepared to contemplate sanding.

Thanks in advance.