RYA - New 'Basic' Navigation Course


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9 Mar 2003
s e wales
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Re: RYA - New \'Basic\' Navigation Course

The problem may arise for the few who say "I've done the RYA Nav course - I don't need to do any more" ...

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Believe me, it wont be a few. Its already the case that most people stop at DS, and we used to find that many quit the classes after the nav had been covered. It wasnt until we put the nav in the second half of the course after the colregs, tides etc that we found almost all students completing the course.

Most people come to the RYA evening courses because they feel they need to know about navigation. They dont feel they need to know about boat safety, the environment, tides , ropes , etc. So a fair proportion will do the new course and never go any further.