OpenCPN Version 5


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11 Nov 2005
Sant Carles de la Ràpita
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OpenCPN version 5 is nearly with us.
The Beta version was released a few days ago.
I've downloaded and installed it in a VirtualBox
There are a significant number of enhancements.
They have been working on it for a while.

The most obvious upgrade is a change to the display.
The toolbar has been split into two.
One which has been made vertically on the left of the screen and a chart sensitive toolbar at the bottom right.
The reason is that you can now split the screen into two windows and have two separate chart displays in each window.

Here is a screenshot of the new display.


So you can be navigating using one window whilst planning or looking ahead etc on the other window.
Both of the windows in my screenshot above are of Cowes but they could be entirely different areas.
The left window is using raster charts and the right window is using the vector charts but quilting still works in any window.
There is also a big improvement in the vector charts - the menu at the bottom right instantly changes the vector chart parameters.

Lots of other improvements - quicker access menus and a new chart format.

IMO, this will be a worthwhile upgrade when it gets released into a stable version.
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