Mooring swapping


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30 Jul 2001
Sutton Coldfield
Interesting point in a recent thread (Hamble to Ireland) about leaving your boat in another port for a week or two. We've thought about moving down to say the Falmouth area (from Dartmouth) for a while next summer in order to extend our long-weekend cruising possibilities. We were hoping perhaps to do a mooring swap with someone but unfortunately Dart Harbour will not permit us to sub-let our mooring for a few weeks, at least not without the 'swapper' paying full visitor rates. Has anyone tried mooring swapping or do you know of a reasonably priced short term mooring in the Falmouth area?


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15 Oct 2001
If your marina won't permit you to allow a visiting yacht to use your berth, I'm not sure what help this will be. However we have started a new Berth Exchange 'medium' where guests can search for and advertise berths for free. The URL is:

Advertisers may have some experience of berth exchanging that they can share with you.

As far as berthing in the Falmouth area is concerned, I have heard that moorings in the Helford are very reasonable, if you're prepared to use a dinghy to reach the shore!