Low rpm,s Yanmar



Sent a posting some time ago, ref; the above(low rpm,s), the response was very positive from forum readers. My mate "Gnomad"was the closest to the fault (gearbox) he actually stopped the shaft turning with his bare hands,(he,s a bit like popeye, without the pipe) any way we took of the gearbox casing,removed the clutch assembly, and took it home. Another Gnomad "Bumpy"(he,s like the real brains) took it apart. lo and behold no meat left on the friction plates.

They are as bald as a badgers. Yanmar parts £71.00 each x2.
Local brake and clutch re-liner £36.00 the pair. Bargain or not.

Thank you Gnomad Jigsaw, Gnomad bumpy, I owe you a pint or two or three or four.....................