Lewmar Integra Autopilot Drive Misbehaving

Jon magowan

23 Jan 2023
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Bavaria 33 Cruiser 2013.

Autopilot Garmin 40 Reactor (brand new)

Lewmar Integra Autopilot Drive Sprocket Version (original). Motor, gears and clutch seem to be working fine.

Error message, as below…..

My brand new Garmin autopilot is not working. It looks like it’s not getting correct position feedback from the rudder. I re-calibrated the rudder as per Garmin instructions but the fault persists. I’m trying to ascertain where the system gets the rudder position from. I contacted Lewmar and they say that they supply the motor, gears and clutch and the rest of the drive unit is nothing to do with them. My Garmin guy (who fitted the system) says there is no rudder feedback as part of the Reactor components.

I’ve contacted Garmin and SVB and am awaiting a reply from both of them. Does anybody else have any experience of this system and fault ?

Impavidus (YouTube) implied that there is a position sensor as an integral part of the drive unit (some sort of rotational potentiometer).

Any guidance gratefully received. Very expensive autopilot system totally useless at the moment and, as I’m sure you all appreciate, it really curtails the sailing experience!


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