Jaguar/alacrity/catalina 22 keel problems



I have a Jaguar 22 and last time I was out I went to raise the keel and the wire went slack- I assumed broken. On lifting the boat out of the water I found that the lug on the keel where the wire was attached had broken off. It would appear that this lug or eye is of a different metal than the cast iron keel probably brass or bronze. Has anyone had this problem? do you know what metal the lug is? Is it screwed into the keel? Will I be able to drill the old one out?Do you know where I can obtain a new one or do you know the specifications so that I can get one made up before lifting the boat out again. If anyone can help I would be most grateful. I have tried Catalina in America but they seem to have gone dead.


I have had success on a different keel (Cast Iron) by drilling holes at an angle about eigth bigger than a S/S wire I used and the epoxying the wire in. The holes were angled away from each other only small angle but enough to jam the wire physically aswell as the epoxy bond. That was 8 years ago still Ok.
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16 May 2001
try this web site - - the Jaguars Owners club - free to join !
I made a new keel for my J22 and just drilled and tapped the top of the keel and screwed (and glued) a stainless steel eyebolt in place - I also have a sacrificial anode bolted to the keel because of the mixture of metals. It has worked fine for about 5 years now.