Ionian advice needed


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30 May 2001
Hants/Berks border
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I've been several times and thoroughly enjoyed it. The winds can be a bit fickle - sometimes nothing, sometimes a good blow - but generally a lght breeze.

My advice would be to be prepared to want to go back again next year!


16 May 2001
Larkhall, South Lanarkshire
Immediately you arrive at your designated boat, check to see if the dinghy is soft. If it is, you likely have a dingy which has a small air leak. If you don't fancy having to keep inflating your dinghy throughout your holiday, then swop it for the nice hard one on the neighbours boat whilst everyone is milling about not sure what is happening at that early stage.

Check your boat thoroughly far anything that needs sorting. Make a list and give it to the engineer who will be only too pleased as people tend not to inform him of things needing sorted in case they get the blame for it.

Take extra water bags with you. Try Millets for clear plastic with a dowelling rod at each end. Lay them around the mast base with a rope tied around the mast base. Sun will heat the water and give you plenty for washing down after your mid-day swim. Put some 'hot' water in a bucket add some cold to cool it and use the plastic jug to rinse off. That way you don't waste water. You then arrive in harbour all washed and dressed ready to start partying immediately. You then have time to relax and enjoy your apperatif whilst watching the mooring and washing antics of your flotilla companions.

If you or any of your crew suffer from ducks disease, then getting up and down from the pulpit to the jetty can be a bit awkward. 'Find' a beer crate to use as a step and attach it to your bow with a piece of cord. You can always 'return' it at the end of the holiday.

Take some self-amalgamating tape with you as it is virtually impossible to get out there. It is very handy for all sorts of jobs, not least securing and binding up holes in the toilet pipes.

Buy some bleach, add some to a bucket of sea water and sluice the holding tank and the complete heads every day to keep away any smells.

If you go to Fiskardo for a couple of days, don't go for a day sail or you will likely loose your berthing place. Hire a motor boat and use that to explore the secluded beaches to the south.

If you are anchoring in sandy bays, take care that you get a proper grip with the anchor. A lot of the suitable anchoring patches have round gravelly sand which the anchor doesn't like to grip in.

If you have swum ashore to your nice bay and can't be bothered using the dinghy to bring ashore that refreshing cup of tea/coffee. Put the kettle and cups etc in the washing up basin and float them ashore.

If there is a bit of a swell running which is making your bow ropes jerk then hang your anchor on one and some chain on the other to act as dampeners. Do that and you'll really impress the leadboat skipper.

Hope this all helps.
Wish I was going with you.