I had a junk fax on my mobile phone.


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17 Jul 2003
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Some time ago, somebody asked how far out to sea they could use their moblile phone. I took mine on holiday when we sailed to France, and used Call Divert to collect all business calls.

Coming back from Gravelines, we had just entering the TSS about half a mile South of the Rutguen SW buoy when France Telecom called my phone with a junk fax. (The phone gets hung up under the spray hood, with it's aerial almost horizontal.)

The call surprised me, and France Telecom was still giving me two bars on the phone when we got to the middle of the TSS. I did not look after that, as it got a bit foggy, and my interest was directed out over the starboard side, so I do not know when the phone lost France Telecom, or when it picked up the Vodaphone network.

Thus the point of this posting it to answer the person who asked the question some months ago.

Colin H.