how many fenders?


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9 May 2009
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Is it? Seems like you are making work for yourself there. "You've done a great job of tying that on but its just a touch high" probably means next time you dont need to adjust it at all. "That's exactly the right place / height, but i'm just going to make it more secure". I used to go round the boat after everyone else got out the way adjusting lines etc. I learned to communicate better what needed done and how so that the workload was shared - otherwise I miss out on the first round!

Some useful phrases of encouragement there Ylop, I’ll try to remember them!

Although I did have an incident involving the only yellow rope (spin halyard) on the boat that needed releasing.

I loaded it on a winch, opened the jammer ready and explained patiently and carefully I’d like it lowered about a metre a second to give me chance to get the sail on board as it comes down rather than just dumping it.

A couple of minutes later nobody could find the only yellow rope on the boat we’d just discussed and was loaded on the winch ready, so let off some random stuff instead, resulting in about 6 grands worth of dental work via the spinnaker pole.

I didn’t shout at the crew and remained calm, spat my broken teeth over the side, sorted the boat out and headed home placing the boat in the capable hands of someone with 30 years of experience to motor home.

5 minutes later, I’m below checking my damage and I can hear loads of shouting really close by. My 30 year exp friend is motoring through the local race fleet and appears lost.

If naughty words aimed at the crew were ever needed it was then!