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We often knock modern gizmos like Gps, Radar etc etc etc but how many of us would admit that their presence has led to us going further afield and discovering new places that perhaps we might not have done ? Me for one I think.

I sailed only briefly as a boy but I can remember how lousy cotton sails were and leaking boats. Today you can bung Dacron soaking wet into the bag with little problems and modern materials can stop the pumping. We have the Iron Breeze and we again probably go further because of VHF.

Should we be more thanful than we are considering our own 'Age of Sail' ?


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My favorite book is "Cruising in Comfort" by Jim Skoog. It destroys all the old myths and explains how you can go sailing with all the modern comforts and conveniences. A gem on every page. Should be on everyone's bookshelf.



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30 Nov 2002
A list

1. The winner, by a country (or even a nautical) mile - decent oilskins.

2. Plastic mooring buoys (remember the cork ones with a length of slimy bass rope on the end that you hauled in to get to the (muddy) riser chain?

3. Plastic fenders. Remember how nasty the coir ones got when left in a locker?

4.Terylene/Dacron rope. It lasts more than one season.

5.Lightweight, reliable, diesel engines

6. Navigation lights that can actually be seen by other craft.

7. Synthetic sailcloth

8. The echosounder

9. The diaphragm bilge pump

10. Modern materials for bunk cushions.

11. Better paints and varnishes.

12. Alternators which work reliably.

13. GPS

14. VHF (this might not be counted as a blessing by all)

15. Liferafts.

Against which we set...

1. Frozen snot and most (not all) of its works.

2. Marinas in general and one firm of proprietors in particular

3. The result of 1. and 2., massive overcrowding leading to a deterioration in behaviour (the overcrowded rat syndrome).

4. Probably less actual fun, per pound dollar or euro, than before....