Furuno radar 10 inch video guide ?


New member
11 Mar 2005
First I must say "Excuse me" to everyone !

We are considering to buy some Radar Furuno 10 inch ( the 1832/1932/1942 series ):

And we want to explore it to know how functional before decide on buying. At Furuno website they have the download pdf manual but it is very bad ( lot of mistake and so poor ). And they have the Video Guide which the cost is 25 USD ( and the ship fee is about 10 USD ). Moreover, the time to deliver it to us is too low ( 3-4 week ).

Have anyone here had the convert downloadable file of this video guide, can you send to us ! We will be very cheering when receive your present.
Our email is: ptseacom@gmail.com . If the file size is large, you can send to us through www.yousendit.com
Thank you very much !