Crewing Opportunity next week - Portishead to South Coast


5 Aug 2007
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Hi all,

I am looking for a couple of helping hands for a trip that I am planning to make next week. This will be during the week commencing Tuesday 23rd April, just after the easter weekend.

I am looking to move my Nordhavn 47 'Wanderlust' from Portishead Marina to Portland Marina and I want to arrive on or before Sunday 28th April.

Anyone wishing to help me out would be expected to help keep watch in shifts so some night passage experience would be preferable.

Wanderlust is a trawler-style long range displacement motor cruiser and cruises at 6-7 knots. Wanderlust is a RCD category A (Ocean) vessel. See photo attached.

The journey (weather permitting) from Portishead to Portland/Weymouth should take approximately 48 hours non-stop, but there may be the opportunity to stop along the way for a break (again weather permitting). Food and return travel costs back to Portishead will be provided.

If anyone is interested then please contact me via a private message.

Cheers, Ian

N4736 visiting Penarth.jpg

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