Conq38 rigged today .. what a kerfuffle !!


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13 Sep 2008
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Sails were removed when she was lifted for winter .... and we looked at the 'spare' sails to decide what we would use when spring comes around ....

We found a near new Mainsail which looked as if never used. We also found the Self Tacker seller reckoned boat had lost !

The main we used after buying had a couple of issues ... there was some blown stitching for about 15cms on the leech .. and it was seriously heavy laminate sail - I mean HEAVY !! Bl***** heavy.

The other main we found was lighter and without any damage.

Opened mast gate .. lost the blo**** hex driver over side of course .. but got by .. fed the main in .. and then went to sort battens .. Stupid me expected the second set of battens found in the boat were for this sail .. wrong ! Trued the battens from other sail ... wrong.
So taking longest - I inserted (they lock into the luff sliders as full chord battens) and marked to cut.
Cut to length - inserted - velcro tabs locked them in.
Got to the lower one - all battens too short !! No way to use as I say - the battens are full chord and lock into luff sliders. So that lower batten pocket is empty for now .. will need order some batten material and cut to suit.

While trying the battens - one decided to go join the Hex driver in the harbour !! No it wasn't the missing long one !!

It appears that previous owner may have had sail cut and somehow mislaid the battens - the spare ones on board may have been bought with intention to cut to fit .. bar that bottom really long one.

OK ... main is on ... batten can be sorted later.

Onto Self tacker ..... feed into furler slot ... pal on halyard .... start hauling up .. after a few feet - gets really hard ... pull down and have a look .. start of bolt rope luff is a bit haggard but load of spit - form it and feed in ... up she goes ... gets 1/2way ... its now a winch job and very hard ... somethings not right.
Really strong pull needed to get it down ...
Put a long line on halyard swivel instead of sail and pulled it up easy as anything ... so its the sail in slot problem. Most likely winter crud plus the haggard start bit of sail luff.
Out with the washing up liquid ... liberal dose for first foot or so of luff ... then back into slot ...
Sail went up - still not easy - but liquid helped.
Not to self - must get some Sail Lube.

OK - self tacker sheet had been rigged and then attached to clew ... sail was good ...

Then we furled it .... and that was when we noted the sail has short battens in the leech .. not along the leech as some have to stop flutter - but perpendicular to leech ... making sail furl strange !! Looks like they will ome out next time down when we lub the slot.

Anyway - she's sitting quiet waiting first real sortie ...

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