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15 Jun 2007
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I’m currently working on a project that is bringing together the most trust-worthy, informative, useful and interesting websites in the world today. One of the areas in which I’m specialising is ‘boating’. I don’t pretend to have previous knowledge of the industry – my experience is pretty much limited to trips out on the West Coast in various sailing boats as a kid. However, I’ve been researching the area, and it’s obviously one where there are many ports of interest (haha, pun totally intended). I’ve got some very interesting sites to use (including this one, obviously), but I’m at the stage where I’m beginning to wonder if I’ve missed a large area of the boating community out without realising…..

If anyone can help out, with areas of the boating world I may have missed, or any great websites and resources on the web which we should include, that would be such a help…

I hope know one minds me posting this within the forum – I’m sure you’ll appreciate I’m really just after some knowledge from people that are perhaps somewhat more in the know than land-locked I.

Thank you very much