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I am looking for experienced comment from those who have knowledge of owning and letting out their yacht (around 40’ LOA) on managed charter. I would appreciate general comment and also specifically on the following points. Which geographic areas are likely to generate the most custom/income? Which the worst? Is there a (suspiciously obvious) disadvantage in running with a management company, which owns its own boats as well as privately owned yachts?


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16 May 2001
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General comment: You will not become rich, but you may mitigate a large part of the running costs of the yacht.

Geography: The yacht will be busiest, and generate a higher income per charter in the most popular yachting areas. This is not rocket science. In less popular areas, the standing charges are of course less. My advice would be to locate the yacht A. Where YOU want to sail, B. Where there is a manager you are comfortable with.

Management Conpanies: Buy a yacht that is the same or similar to the rest of the company owned fleet and you may well have a problem. Place something a little different with them, and...... you provide a point of difference!

If you wish to discuss this in further detail, you could try an e-mail list set up specifically for this type of question.

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