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Modern weather communications.


New member
31 Dec 2020
Morning all,

I am sure this topic has been done to death, but things change so fast.

I have just bought a C & N 39 ketch which I intend to take blue water.

What are the current recommendations for getting weather forecasts? I have just stripped out an old first version Navtex and Target SSB.

Many thanks



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27 Apr 2006
Anywhere without Covid19
We use a Garmin Inreach when on an ocean passage. We simply have a sailor friend send us weather info. The Inreach is a tracker and text only satellite device. You can also get marine weather directly from the Inreach for any location at additional cost. Its a cost effective system that allows you to keep in touch with friends and family.


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20 Jul 2001
I think the approach should be the other way around: first you decide what type of weather information and/or assistance you feel comfortable with, once you know that you can decide the most appropriate type of technical communication means to be used. Bear in mind that weather related communications may overlap with other types (distress, private, etc) so the technical tool choice might be influenced.
There are many possible profiles: totally rely upon external routing? then a sat phone or a messager. You like gribs and try your own routing software? then a data enabled satellite instrument or ssb transceiver (I am afriaid your ssb is receive only, no gribs). You feel comfortable with weather charts? then your own radio is likely to be ok to receive weatherfax. Several different technical solutions depending on what type of personal interest, knowledge and dedication one has :)