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Forum Cruise Reports


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8 May 2006
Dear All,

Following the discussion about having a sticky thread for forum members cruise reports, we now have one. (See related discussion here -> http://www.ybw.com/forums/showthread.php?470933-A-sticky-thread-for-Cruise-Reports-few-initial-ideas-to-discuss).

In short, the purpose of this thread is to stop loosing the wonderful cruise reports into cyberspace and bring them back for all the forum users to enjoy. To be more precise, the aim of this thread is to become a directory of reports to make them easier to find and enjoy.

To accomplish this, all of us are invited to post links to cruise reports as replies on this thread. To make the directory easier to use, the links on the replies will also added to this post, which will be editable by a yet to be defined group of forumites.

To get things going, here’s what we should all do:

1. Post links to your own cruise reports first. This is to keep duplicates in control (but lets not worry too much about them!)
- Each post should only contain a link to one cruise report!
- Each post should contain the following info:
* username of the OP of the original cruise report
* location/area
* month/year
* short one sentence description of the cruise report
* URL link to the report thread
jfm, Corsica/Sardinia, Summer 2014
Cruise from South of France to Corsica and Sardinia

2. After adding your own reports, add reports created by others as they come along/are found/recalled/etc.
- do a quick search into the index first to see if they have already been added

3. When in future you post a new cruise report, add a link to this thread as a reply as well so the index can be updated accordingly.

And a few final notes:

- let’s keep all the commentary on the original threads and have only links on this thread
- anyone can add links to cruise reports, also on behalf of the original poster. I you wish to have your report removed from the index, PM the group editors whose names will be added to this post.
- let’s not set the bar too high regarding the reports, any post with a pic or a piece of vid of a day out accompanied with a few words of the cruise/destination is good enough for a cruise report if someone feels that it might be useful to others.

Please, only add links to reports to this thread as per above. If you have any comments or suggestions on the matter, post them to this thread instead -> http://www.ybw.com/forums/showthread.php?470933-A-sticky-thread-for-Cruise-Reports-few-initial-ideas-to-discuss

Thank you in advance, I hope we can make this work!