What Price Warranties?



Shoreline, Express Marine, Force four Chandlery, Simpson & Lawrence, Sowester, Cruisermart, etc., have all gone bust in the last two weeks. It’s rumoured that lots of manufacturers’ product they had in stock hadn’t been paid for when they crashed. Now it’s being touted round the wholesale market by the administrators at a discount. But the manufacturers think it still belongs to them, because it ain’t been paid for!

So there could be a lot of discounted gear in the market place. But be warned, one sizable manufacturer has already said he will not uphold warranty on products which he claims still belong to him. Others may follow.

I’m worried because I’ve just bought an echosounder from one of the above. I’d like to know where to go to get it fixed if it goes wrong and the manufacturer says it still belongs to him and not to me?



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16 May 2001
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I'm sure the lawyers out there can offer a better legal interpretation but are you sure that you even own the sounder? - even if you paid somebody for it, if they dont legally own it and hence have the right to sell it you could be in trouble.