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16 May 2001
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Here is a liveaboard forum which we'll run for a trial to see how things develop. It is aimed specifically at those for whom the terms 'boat' and 'home' are completely interchangeable and for those who are working their way towards casting off in similar fashion.

This doesn't replace any of the existing yachting forums but is available for the exchange of information specific to liveaboards. Also suggest it could be a home for both sail and power liveaboards?

Whilst writing this note can I remind you of the benefits of forum private messaging which will allow you to correspond with others on the forums without the need to log into third party web e-mail solutions. You should find it a much faster way to communicate, especially when logged on expensive and/or slow connections in some dreadfully sunny beach cafe or travelling along some horrible canal or other deep in one of many French wine regions (apologies for the hint of envy).

In case you haven't discovered it, to private mail a forum member simply click on their user name and then click on send a private message towards the bottom of the next screen. The only downsides...you cannot send mail to multiple addresses and you cannot send attachments. But you can add users to your own mailing list.

Also a reminder to log off after your session if you are using these forums from a computer that doesn't belong to you, or one that is also used by other people.

Hope you enjoy this facility.

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20 Dec 2001
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Thanks Kim

Isn't democracy a wonderful thing

---- well having supported this initiative it seems important / nay essential / to use it.

Hopefully it won't be all dull and serious


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22 Nov 2001
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Thanks Kim,

I will probably not qualify for this forum for two more years, as I will only live on my boat this summer and next summer for some ten weeks.

And when I think about using these forums from onboard of my boat, I'm sceptical
about practicality. Sailing forums are really great to stay close to your beloved hobby, but they are beaten hands down by actually beeing and living on the boat.

I haven't been on the ybw forums long enough to make a judgement, but I would not be surprised, if traffic would go down significantly when many of us are on their boats in the summer season.

I do like e-mail on the boat and use it quite a bit to stay in touch with friends, but in such case the connect times are manageable and affordable, even with a few pictures. And while reading through all the posts is fun and educational, it would only be feasible if you would have a mechanism to down load all new posts from a selectable date, and then offline read them and create posts.

These days we are spoiled with DSL at home and Sonet in the office, and then on the boat you have to revert to cell or even satphone. So I think it will probably be a few years before we can do that from our boats, in the mean time I must say that, as much as I enjoy these forums in the off-season, I haven't been missing it much on my boat.

Still think that this new forum is a good idea, and I will be secretly reading all the posts, even if I'm currently not entitled to do so.....


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4 Jul 2001
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Because of the possibility that some threads on this forum not being added to for some time and disapearing from view, would it not be a good idea to have most resent posted brought to the top of the list? It'll make it a lot easier to follow.

All IMHO of course.